Peoria, IL | July 4, 2024

Announcing the Incorruptible Speaking Tour.   I am looking for locations around the country to share the story of Sister Wilhelmina and the movie Incorruptible.  First stop Orlando on July 13.  Future locations to be announced.  If you would like me to come to your parish or group just send am email to

In 2023, nearly 4 years after her death, the body of Sister Wilhelmina was discovered to be incorrupt.  A media frenzy ensued as news quickly spread around the world of the possible miracle in Missouri. Now nearly a year later Incorruptible, the film inspired by the life & faith of Sister Wilhelmina is nearly complete.  But we need a little more time and a little more funding to finish this important film.  The Incorruptible Speaking Tour seeks to build buzz and hopefully generate some support for the film. God’s will be done!  

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In Production Now - Will you help?

Incorruptible, the life & faith of Sister Wilhelmina, is in production now!   We need your help. Please check out our LifeFunder campaign to help us finish this incredibly important film!   Support the Catholic Film Foundation’s first feature-length docudrama! 

Letter on Incorruptible

Letter on Incorruptible

Note from Royce Hood - originally published via in June of 2023 - additional updates coming soon Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest in Sister Wilhelmina and Incorruptible. We have an incredibly important privilege and responsibility with...