Washington, DC | Jan, 2024

The Knights of Columbus have produced an incredibly powerful new video about the March for Life and about Nellie Gray.   Well done!


A year after the decision of Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion in the United States, Nellie Gray wasn’t going to let the first anniversary of this grim moment go unmarked. It was her firm conviction that Americans should stand up for life and march in the streets of Washington, D.C., to end abortion. Through her effort, the March for Life was born and would quickly grow into the largest annual human rights protest the world has ever seen.

The Knights of Columbus recognized the significance of the March early on and have ardently supported and participated in it since its earliest days. The culture of life, which underpins this important civil rights and cultural juggernaut, is at the very heart of the mission and work of the Knights.

As the battle for life shifts to State Capitols post-Dobbs, the pro-life movement has never been stronger or more determined. It is with this momentum that the Knights of Columbus and those who believe in a culture of life will work to make abortion unthinkable in the United States.
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In Production Now - Will you help?

Incorruptible, the life & faith of Sister Wilhelmina, is in production now!   We need your help. Please check out our LifeFunder campaign to help us finish this incredibly important film!   Support the Catholic Film Foundation’s first feature-length docudrama! 

Letter on Incorruptible

Letter on Incorruptible

Note from Royce Hood - originally published via IncorruptibleMovie.com in June of 2023 - additional updates coming soon Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest in Sister Wilhelmina and Incorruptible. We have an incredibly important privilege and responsibility with...