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How far would you be willing to go to become a saint?

Announcing the One Of Us challenge & campaign. – A call to holiness through prayer, fasting and sanctification.

Are you interested in becoming One Of Us? Would you be willing to make a commitment to a weekly fast, weekly confession, weekly adoration, at least weekly Mass and daily rosary? Would you be willing to do more?

Sharing Your Journey.  I’d like to invite you to share you journey via X.com – in particular x.com/@catholicxyz where we’ll be highlighting the stories of regular people seeking holiness in their life. Would you be willing to make a commitment to a weekly fast, weekly confession, weekly adoration, at least weekly Mass and daily rosary? Would you be willing to do more?

The tasks required to join in and become One of Us are not overly complicated. But as you grow in your faith you will absolutely encounter setbacks and temptation.  So fortify yourself through intentional strategy, intentional action and through the practice of virtues.

Click the tabs below to learn more about the Step.1 30-day Challenge.   Step 2 will be posted in mid-July.

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Getting Started

Do you have what it takes to be One Of Us?  Step 1 to this challenge is a simple 30-day commitment.  Here are a few basic requirements and commitments:

One Of Us – Step 1 30-Day Challenge

  1. Let us begin.  If you are Catholic go to confession the first chance you get.  If you are not Catholic, consider reaching out to a Catholic priest to discuss your faith.  The best way to begin a long journey is to take the first step. If you are not sure when or where to go, check out MassTimes for a location near you.
  2. Download the PDF One of Us planner step1.  Download it. Print it off.  Fill it in by writing down when you accomplish the tasks listed below.

The Tasks for Step 1 30-Day Challenge

    • Confession will be a weekly requirement for Step 1.  But kick things off with a bang and get to confession as a starting point.  If you are not sure where to go check out MassTimes.org.
    • Friday Fast.  No meat. Lighter meals.  Etc.
    • Weekly Adoration for at least 1 hour per week.
    • Daily Prayer: morning devotions, prayer before meals, daily rosary, bedtime prayers.

One Of Us – Step 1 30-Day Challenge – Click the tabs below

Start a Revolution!

In addition to the Getting Started Commitments – you are being called to Start a Revolution by practicing reverence and ordering yourself toward holiness.  Here are the One Of Us – Step 1 tasks to Start a Revolution:


    • Attend the celebration of Holy Mass (Sunday is Required for Step 1)
    • If you are eligible, receive the Holy Eucharist.
      • One Of Us Eucharistic Challenge:  Receive the Holy Eucharist with the reverence that Our Lord deserves. Join our spiritual revolution by only receiving the Holy Eucharist on your tongue.  Kneel if you are physically able to do so.  No hands.  Will you do it?
      • Receive the Eucharist only from a Priest not from extraordinary eucharistic ministers.  Note. This challenge is not designed or intended in to insult the good intentions of others.  Rather the One Of Us challenge is meant to encourage participants to order their internal focus on the true majesty and presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Continue on to the next tab.

Confession, Charity and Witness
  • Weekly Confession for at least the first 30 days of Step 1.  Or as often as you need as a result of any mortal sin.  Before each confession conduct an examination of your conscience. Say a little prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you so as to give a good and thorough confession.
    • Tip.  Don’t worry about what your priest will think.  Even if your sins are severe or embarrassing.  Priests do not judge when presented with serious sins, instead they rejoice at the possibility of a saved soul.
    • Tip 2. Confession requires humility.  Confession is a voluntary act and is therefore an immensely powerful tool on the path to holiness.
  • Acts of Charity: At least weekly, go out of your way to offer up an act of charity.  This can be alms giving.  Opening a door for a stranger.  Asking how someone’s day is going.  Saying sorry.  Resolving a conflict or dispute.  Log your acts of charity on your step 1 planner.  The Practice of Virtue will intensify in Step 2.
  • Be A Witness & Share Your Faith. They will know us by our love.  That’s true.  But we can also become champions for our faith in a number of ways. A few ideas:
    • Make the sign of the cross and say grace before meals at restaurants.  Don’t be shy.  Note. You are not doing this for the purpose of being noticed but when we pray in public someone is bound to see.  This sets an example.  So go with it.
    • Share catholic media, film, music, books or great homilies with your friends and family.  Share, like and follow great Catholic content online.
    • Watch catholic or reverence christian film with your family (family movie night).
    • Dads, kneel and receive the Eucharist on your tongue.  Take you kids to adoration.  Let them see you reverently praying and adoring the Lord.  This will set an amazing example.
    • Moms, be modest, particularly at church.  Consider wearing a vail and dress appropriately.  Particularly if you have daughters, modesty will set a great example for your girls (and for other girls who see you).  Kneel and receive the Eucharist on your tongue.
    • If you are single.  You can still do all of the above.  Reverence requires some intentional action. But after a while it comes a habit.
Daily Routine - Keep Track It!

This Daily Challenge is part of Step 1 of the One Of Us Campaign.  Track it!  Step 2 is going to kick things up so discipline yourself though these simple yet important tasks:

    • Morning Devotion.  This can be anything you like such as prayer or daily readings.  Step 2 gets more specific.  But the key for Step is to start your day off with morning prayer and some time of silence for prayerful contemplation.
    • Make your day prayerful
    • Daily Rosary. If you have a family, say the rosary with your family. Make it part of your evening routine, or offer up the rosary at a time of day that works best for your family.  The Hood family says our rosary before bed.  Do what works for you!
        • TIP 1.  Consider offering up some intentions before your rosary.
    • Chores with a smile. Is there a chore around the house that you have been putting off?   Fixing the fence?  Dusting?   Paying a bill of some sort?  Do it. Go out of your way to undertake the completion of some choir or task that you do not enjoy.  Offer up your time for Christ’s mercy.  Smile and be joyful for the opportunity to make some small sacrifice.  This tasks gets more intense in Step 2.  Stay tuned.
    • Track and Record Screen-time.  It doesn’t matter if you are some big shot social media influencer or just a casual surfer, Step 1 requires you to track and record the amount of time you spend on social media or on screen time (which would include watching tv, movies, video games, looking at your phone, surfing the web).  Track it.  Write it down on the Step 1 Planner.  Do this for the first 30 day.    Step 2 will require you to limit your screen time.  Stay tuned!
    • Meals.
      • Family meals.  If you have a spouse and children.  Reserve evening dinner as a time for your family (every day if possible).  This is a requirement.  For Meals with Children (age appropriate limitations apply)
        • Have you older kids help prepare the meal.
        • Have your children help set the table.
        • Before you sit down, stand behind your chairs and give thanks for your meal.
        • When you sit try to instill good manners.
        • When the meal is finished, give thanks for the meal and for the company you have shared.
        • Have your children help clear and clean the table, do the dishes, put food away.
        • Step 2 will include devotional time during the evening meal.
        • Consider inviting a  Priest.  This is a requirement for Step 2.
      • Solo meals.  If you are single.  Use your evening meal as an opportunity to listen or contemplate.
        • Listen. Put on a Catholic podcast, homily or talk.
        • Contemplate.  Light a candle and listen to some Gregorian chant.
        • Share. At least once per week, share a meal with a member of your extended family (parent, relative, etc) or with a friend or stranger.
    • Evening Routine
        • Tip 1. If needed, wake up 30 minutes early to begin your day.  1 hour of prayerful silence would be ideal, but for busy homes even just 15 minutes of prayer right when you wake up will help you to order your focus.
        • TIp 2. Offer yourself and offer up your day to the Lord. Sample prayer.  “Father, thank you for this day.  Thank you for what ever time that I have.  Thank you for Father for (insert your own) [my family, home, food, health, challenges that are sanctifying me].  Forgive me Lord for anything that I have done to offend you.  Despite my sins, make me an instrument of your will.  Make me an instrument of your will.  Make me an instrument of your will.  In Christ’s name, I pray.”
        • Make your day a prayer.  Taking a shower, give thanks.  Driving to work, pray.   When you are undertaking an unpleasant task at work, pray.  Before meals, always pray.  Prayers do not need to take long. But discipline yourself to remember God in all that you do.   Step 1 is all about ordering ourself towards unity with God.
      • Evening prayers.  Before bed say your prayers.  This can be a rosary, intentions, novena or other.
      • Gregorian Chant.  In the evening put on Gregorian chant or sacred music (check out my personal favorite the Benedictine’s of Mary, Queen of the Apostles).  Let this music play on a speaker if you can so that the beauty of these ancient prayers is present throughout your home.
      • Silence.  Don’t fall asleep with the last thing you see being your phone!   Put the phone down. Sit for a few minutes or lay for a few minutes in silence.
        •  If you have kids this might be a little challenging. So put the little ones to bed and make sure you have time for silence.
        •  If you have a spouse do this with your spouse.  Turn the lights down. Light a candle.  Offer up a few minutes of silence for contemplative prayer.

Track it all.  Day to day, week to week, keep track of what you do.

          • Think about ways you can improve your routine by changing it up.  For example, wake up early if you need more prayer time in the morning.
          • Hold yourself accountable.

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